Anchorage Connectors

Anchorage ConnectorsAnchorage Connectors are designed as the intermediary for securing a connecting device to an anchor or anchorage point, also referred to as a tie-off point. Common anchorage points include I-beams, columns, rebars, scaffolding, or other structural components.

Anchorage connectors are used to join the connecting device to the anchor point when a direct connection does not exist. It is important to select the proper anchor point and anchorage connector to ensure a safe working environment. Anchorages and anchorage connectors must be easily accessible, capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. of force per worker, and they must be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level should a fall occur.

reunion offers a variety of convenient 5,000 lb. rated anchorage connectors for every application. All reunion anchorage connectors meet applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for compliance and safety.

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