GlideLoc Height Access and Safe Ladder Climbing System

The innovative GlideLoc Ladder Climbing System can be engineered as an integral component of a new fixed ladder system, or retrofit to an existing fixed ladder. Available with a variety of accessory options to meet specific needs. Designed for ladder applications in telecommunications, utilities, industrial facilities, drilling rigs/platforms, shipbuilding, crane installations and confined space.

  • The only ladder system offering ergonomic support since the user can lean forward or back while ascending/descending, reducing fatigue; ideal for closed-cage environments
  • The unique Comfortâ„¢ fall arrest shuttle glides smoothly along the rail and maintains a continuous 3-point contact, allowing hands-free operation for greater mobility
  • Additional design components provide horizontal movements without the need to disconnect from the system
  • Available in aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel construction


Model Description
14614 Galvanized steel rail approx. 15 ft. (4.48m) length
14613 Galvanized steel rail approx. 7.5 ft. (2.24m) length
14664 Aluminum rail approx. 15 ft. (4.48m) length
15728 Aluminum rail approx. 7.5 ft. (2.24m) length
10903 Rung clamp for diameters <1" (25mm)
14804 Rung clamp for diameters 1" – 1.25" (25mm – 32mm)
14805 Rung clamp for diameters 1.25" – 1.75" (32mm – 44mm)
Top end stop
21049 Bottom end stop
11634 Rigid end stop
22697 Comfort fall arrestor
Options: A variety of accessories are available that meet virtually any height safety need. For any corrosive environment, stainless steel material is available.


1. Rotary Exit Section

Allows climbers to exit top end of rail system and move safely onto platform behind the ladder. Other methods of safe exit at top of climb are also available.


2. Folding Footrests

Provides a rest platform that conveniently folds out of the way for added safety. Resting and working platforms also available.


3. Turntable

Allows climber to transfer to horizontal track without disconnecting.


4. Exit Section

Allows the climber to release the shuttle from the rail.


Ladder/Rail Combination

Integrated ladder/rail combination systems are available for applications without existing climbing structures.