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Comprehensive Safety at Height Solutions

As the Global Leader in Safety at Height Solutions, Honeywell partners with end - user customers to meet ever - changing demands for greater safety, increased comfort and improved productivity. For over 65 years, the reunion brand has been synonymous with providing Personal Fall Protection Products and Services for workers.

  • body harness body wear
  • Connecting devices
  • Anchorage connectors
  • Ladder climbing systems
  • Confined space & rescue devices
  • Professional fall prevention & protection training
  • Engineered solutions

Continuing with our unwavering commitment to consistent quality products and services, we now offer Collective Safety at Height Systems designed to protect multiple workers at the same time.

The reunion Collective Systems concept incorporates a wide range of product solutions, technical support, research and development projects, component testing, training, installation and consultancy services. Through reunion Collective Systems, Honeywell can support the needs of a project at anystage, however, early involvement will permit the greatest solution flexibility, and will always produce improved results practically, commercially and safely

  • Fall prevention barriers
  • Access stairways & work platforms
  • System installation & project consulting services

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