PivotLoc Foldable Ladder System

Soll PivotLoc Foldable Ladder System Söll PivotLoc is a foldable ladder system that incorporates the GlideLoc fixed rail ladder climbing technology. Uniquely designed to open and close, the PivotLoc system combines safety and security in ladder applications.

  • Restricts access when folded closed, providing a slim, unobtrusive appearance; an effective alternative to a security cover plate
  • Reliable fall protection solution for height access and work positioning
  • Lightweight and easy to use; constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Complete with entry point, locking device and connection components

SKU Description
23281 PivotLoc w/coupling part for steel ladder 9.186-ft. (2.8 m)
23193 PivotLoc w/coupling part for aluminum ladder 9.186-ft. (2.8 m)
Note: PivotLoc can be used in conjunction with Söll Y-Spar and Twin Ladder Systems.