Xenon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits

Xenon® Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits provide automatic pass-through fall protection for multiple workers that ultimately increases worker mobility, safety and productivity. Xenon kits provide do-it-yourself installation and feature patented stainless steel components that are easy-to-use and require minimal maintenance. For use along crane rail runways, loading bays/docks, machinery, conveyors, rooftops, inside sports arenas, pipe racks, bridges and many industrial applications.

Xenon kits are designed to be used with a shock absorbing lanyard or a lightweight self-retracting lifeline (SRL) that does not exceed 5 lbs. The worker should be able to reach the lifeline with his/her arm - ensuring they can easily position the shuttle so it glides through the intermediate guides.

  • Easy Installation
  • Extreme Durability
  • Low Deflection
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Exclusive Features

Xenon Shuttle

The Xenon shuttle self-aligns for smooth pass-through of intermediate brackets. A double-locking mechanism ensures security, yet allows for easy, one-hand operation. With no moving pass-through parts, the shuttle is ideal for dusty, gritty or salty environments.

4-in-1 Shock Absorber

The innovative 4-in-1 design serves as shock absorber, turnbuckle, tension indicator and fall indicator. Users can gauge and adjust tension easily, while the pop-out visual indicator alerts the user to any load impact on the system. The compact design allows for a shorter distance to the end brackets, providing greater safety for entry and exit of the system.

Universal Intermediate Brackets

The automatic pass-through design allows for smooth passage of the Xenon shuttle providing 100% connection to the system. The single-bolt design and easy-to-remove cable holder guide simplifies installation and maintenance. In the event of a load impact or fall, individual brackets can be replaced without disassembling or replacing the original wire rope. Available in adjustable or fixed-position styles for maximum versatility

Better Systems by Design

In addition to meeting all applicable global standards for Safety at Height, all components of Xenon kits are designed for versatility, reliability and comfort.

  • Stainless steel 5/16-in. (8 mm) wire rope
  • Stainless steel, swageless fittings for quick, easy installation
  • Stainless steel D-bolt anchorage connectors rated to 10,000 lbs. (45kN)

Xenon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits

Xenon stainless steel system kits are designed for up to two* workers. Kits include Xenon 4-in-1 shock absorber, intermediate bracket(s) (see chart), two stainless steel D-bolt anchorage connectors, swageless fast-attach fitting, anchor shackle, thimble, cable clips, hardware and instruction manual. Xenon shuttles are sold separately.

SKU System Length Number of Intermediate Brackets
X00030 30-ft. (9.1 m) 0
X00060 60-ft. (18.3 m) 1
X00090 90-ft. (27.4 m)
X00120 120-ft. (36.6 m) 3
X00150 150-ft. (45.7 m) 4
X00180 180-ft. (54.9 m) 5
X00210 210-ft. (64.0 m) 6
X00240 240-ft. (73.2 m) 7
X00270 270-ft. (87.3 m) 8
X00300 300-ft. (91.4 m) 9
X00330 330-ft. (100.6 m) 10
X00360 360-ft. (109.7 m) 11
X00390 390-ft. (118.9 m) 12
X00420 420-ft. (128.0 m) 13
X00450 450-ft. (137.2 m) 14
X00480 480-ft. (146.3 m) 15
X00510 510-ft. (155.4 m) 16
* Systems can accommodate up to four workers by adding a second Xenon shock absorber (SKU 1014934).

Xenon Components

1005709 - Xenon Shuttle

  • Self-aligns for smooth automatic pass-through of intermediate brackets
  • Dual-locking mechanism for added safety

1010608 - Universal Intermediate Bracket (with hardware)

  • Automatic pass-through bracket allows easy passage of Xenon shuttle for 100% connection to the system
  • Can be configured as free floating or locked
  • Brackets can be attached to a fitted cable to allow for easy replacement
  • Can also be ordered without hardware using this model number: 1010609

1014934 - Xenon 4-in-1 Shock Absorber

  • Provides four functions in one unit!
    • Absorbs energy to reduce system forces
    • Includes a turnbuckle mechanism for easy tensioning
    • Features a tension indicator to show when properly tensioned
    • Incorporates a fall indicator to show someone has fallen into the system
  • Compact design allows for immediate connection for added worker safety

1013720 - Fast-Attach Fitting

  • Provides for easy installation of cable
  • Requires no specialty swaging tools

417SS/ - Stainless Steel D-bolt Anchorage Connector

  • Features 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) hole for hardware
  • Can be mounted on a vertical surface or overhead for added versatility